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The parking lot

The parking lot

Five automobiles of different marks and colors, from different cities are parked in a row. All of the automobiles contain a CD, and the owners of the automobiles all have different professions. Where is the CD from Schnappi?


1 2 3 4 5
blue red white green brown
Munich Bremen Cologne Berlin Stuttgart
Britney_Spears Robbie_Williams Stones Nena Schnappi
Ferrari VW Porsche Seat Ford
teacher butcher professor woodworker broker


. The Ferrari is red. (equivalence automobile = Ferrari color = red )

. The teacher owns the white automobile. (equivalence profession = teacher color = white )

. The VW (Volkswagon) contains a CD from Britney Spears. (equivalence automobile = VW music = Britney_Spears )

. Adjacent to the blue automobile stands the Porsche from Munich. (neighbor color = blue automobile = Porsche )

. Adjacent to the blue automobile stands the Porsche from Munich. (equivalence automobile = Porsche city = Munich )

. Ajacent to the brown automobile is the car from Bremen. (neighbor color = brown city = Bremen )

. The butcher has a CD from Robbie Williams in his automobile. (equivalence profession = butcher music = Robbie_Williams )

. The Automobile containing the CD by the Stones is located next to the teacher's automobile. (neighbor music = Stones profession = teacher )

. The professor drives an automobile from Cologne. (equivalence profession = professor city = Cologne )

. Next to the blue automobile is a Seat. (neighbor color = blue automobile = Seat )

. The woodworker drives a Ford. (equivalence profession = woodworker automobile = Ford )

. The automobile from Bremen is green. (equivalence city = Bremen color = green )

. Next to the automobile owned by the brokers is the automobile from Berlin. (neighbor profession = broker city = Berlin )

. The automobile containing the CD from Nena ist the forth on the parkinglot. (equivalence music = Nena position = 3 )

. The automobile from Stuttgart is not a neighbor of the Porsche. (not_neighbor city = Stuttgart automobile = Porsche )