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Barf's patch page

Revision history

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2006-06-05 Following patches are now checked-in or obsolete: Online updates, infobar, avsstuff, discrete on/off for Neutrino, saa7126, mcrec, IMDB, LIRC-Patch. Link to the ghosting patch added. Updated camd.c.diff-errormessage. Misc. small improvements.
2009-08-09 Removed things obsolete, which turned out to be almost everything...

Barf's Patches

Previously, this page contained a large number of patches to Tuxbox, in particular Neutrino. For different reasons, these are no longer relevant. Fortunately, in most cases, they have been checked in into the CVS sources, either by myself or by someone else.

Name/Link Date Description Forum thread(s) Status
kabr 2006-03-29 A translation layer for remotes and keyboards. See the article. Volle Unterstützung der Dbox2 Tastatur Newly updated! Works, but needs some testing.
camd.c.patch-errormessage 2006-06-05 Error message for not subscribed channels. Sometimes when switching to a (sub-)channel, the screen simply stays black, without no user message at all. This patch to camd.c, generates a (unfortunately not localized) error message for the case of the channel not being subscribed to/the sub channel not being available. Not really Neutrino-dependent, but rather dependent of the Neutrino NHTTPD-API. Yes. Works, but is a very ugly hack.
camd.c.patch De-deactivating. This de-deactivates certain capacities in camd.c. Yes. works