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This web site uses a strict separation between content and style. The content of the site is mainly written using the Apache Document XML-Format version 2.0 which is a simple (sometimes too simple :-) format to describe e.g. web content (but not its style). The content is processed with the Apache Forrest framework (which can be described as a stripped-down, offline Apache Cocoon, adapted to WEB publishing), to generate W3C valid 4.01 (transitional) HTML, as well as PDF files.

The section on the Einstein puzzles uses a few XML files using the, by me designed, einsteinpuzzle.dtd, for example the puzzle file einstein.xml. These files are not only used to automatically generate C++-files to solve the corresponding puzzle, but are also, through a custom XSLT-stylesheet, integrated into Forrest, so that the XML puzzle files generate a HTML-file (like einstein.html) (and, through Forrest, a PDF file), optimized for human reading.

The photo gallery was generated from one single XML File, again with a custom DTD. A Metamorphosis script generates all the needed XML-files (using the Apache Document DTD), showing the photos. To determine the needed files, a Metamorphosis script generates a dependency file, which is included by a Makefile, that thus determines the files needed. Image transformations are also made by make, using the freeware Imagemagick program convert.

XML Files were edited with GNU Emacs, which, after 20 years of usage, still remains my preferred authoring environment! (I am even mentioned in the Acknowledgments!). Operating platform was GNU/Linux (SuSE Linux 9.2 – 10.0), using the Gnome desktop.

This site is not "optimized" for a particular browser, but based on vendor neutral standards from the World Wide Web Consortium. All HTML on the site is expected to be valid HTML 4.01 transitional, using CSS and Javascript (nothing dramatic happens without Javascript, though). Anyhow, for technical, political, and security reasons, I recommend the Firefox browser. Still, this site is not "best viewed with Firefox"...

No products from Redmond have been used in the production of this site.

This sites uses SI units and -prefixes, except, in a few cases when natural, the IEC 60027-2 binary prefixes are used, with names clearly different from SI-prefixes. (See this article.)