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The Doctors Puzzle

The Doctors Puzzle

The newly organized Layton City Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Center had hired four specialists --- Doctors Morton, Carlton, Stanton and Kinston. Each doctor was renowned in his particular field. One was an eye specialist; one an ear specialist; one, a nose specialist; and one, a throat specialist. Each man had come to the Center from one of the four other local hospitals: Northside, Southside, Eastside and Westside. Given the clues below, determine each doctor's name (first names: Thomas, Albert, Gary and Marvin), his specialty and the hospital where he previously practiced.


Morton Carlton Stanton Kinston
Thomas Albert Gary Marvin
eye ear nose throat
north south east west


1. Dr. Carlton and Gary and the man from Westside Hospital were natives of Layton City. (exclusion Name = Carlton Firstname = Gary affiliation = west )

2. The ear specialist had never worked at Southside Hospital. (exclusion speciality = ear affiliation = south )

3. Neither Dr. Stanton nor Gary nor the Throat specialist had ever practiced at Eastside Hospital. (exclusion Name = Stanton Firstname = Gary speciality = throat ) (exclusion Name = Stanton affiliation = east ) (exclusion Firstname = Gary affiliation = east ) (exclusion speciality = throat affiliation = east )

4. Dr. Carlton was not the ear specialist. (exclusion Name = Carlton speciality = ear )

5. Albert had never practiced at Eastside or Westside. (exclusion Firstname = Albert affiliation = east ) (exclusion Firstname = Albert affiliation = west )

6. Dr Morton and the man from Northside Hospital were avid tennis fans. (exclusion Name = Morton affiliation = north )

7. The ear specialist and Marvin had their offices and staff on the first floor of the Center. Dr. Stanton and the nose specialist were on the second floor. (exclusion speciality = ear Firstname = Marvin Name = Stanton speciality = nose )