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Analog 8-channel switch

Fixme (BM)
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An analog 8 channel switch

Until this page is finished, see this article (in German)

Old box

the standard box AVS 10 completely rebuilt by myself: Windows has a different loudspeaker model than Dolby Digital EX and dts ES: While the movie standards have surround speakers (left and right) and back surround (left and right), Windows have "side speakers" (left and right) and surround speakers (left and right). In 5.1-mode, it makes sense to map the Windows surround speakers to the surround speakers (in the Dolby sense), while in 7.1-mode, the Windows side speakers "should" be mapped to the surround speakers, and the Windows surround speakers (left and right) be mapped to the back surround speakers. The box allows for switching between DVD Audio and HTPC, between 7.1- and 5.1-mode, and allows the PC surround speakers to me mapped either to the surround or the back surround speakers.

This connection box is not remotely controllable ... blush :-\

Some photos of the switchbox!Picture gallery